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What's Zunuzi?

Zunuzi is a community-based online learning platform capable of:

  • Letting everyone participate as learners and tutors based on their needs, abilities and availabilities
  • Connecting learners, tutors and institutions with a flexible gig model
  • We make online higher education affordable for many more people
  • Facilitating the learning engagement with tools for registration, learner-tutor matching, scheduling and payment
  • Providing the best digital interactive technology environment for tutoring using a private online classroom with a digital whiteboard and video interaction

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Become an online tutor and start teaching as an independent contractor.


Open a student account to access all subjects and tutors at every grade level.


Parents looking for tutors for their kids can create a parent account for multiple children under the same username.

Adult Professionals
Adult Professionals

To continue your education, develop new skills and have access to educators with different subject matter experts.

Companies & Corporation
Companies & Corporation

Zunuzi can help your company or factory find the right subject matter experts to educate and train your personnel, develop and educate your employees.

Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions

Kindergartens, elementary, primary, high schools, colleges, and universities looking for full-time or part-time professional teachers or tutors.

No subscription fee and no monthly payments

Zunuzi doesn't charge any subscription fee or monthly payments. 

Zunuzi believes in making education accessible to everyone!

How It Works?